Business Niche High Ticket Coaching And Your Moral Obligation To Start Now

January 27th, 2009

Do you really believe that you have a moral obligation to sell high ticket coaching? Have you ever sat and thought that it is your duty to create and sell a high priced coaching program in your business niche? Today’s high ticket coaching video is a summary of the short FREE BUSINESS COACHING TRAINING series on creating and selling high priced programs.

I submit to each of you that you have a moral responsibility to create and sell high priced programs. In fact I strongly suggest that it is your duty to do so!High Ticket Coaching--Affect Millions

Imagine being the trusted advisor of your market place. The one acknowledged Thought Leader where your ideal clients choose you for a life time. It all begins by education based marketing in your business niche.

The business niche benefits for you are these:

1. You leverage the power of Zipf’s Law. Instead of having to sell and spend lots of time and money struggling to people’s attention using costly marketing efforts, you draw your ideal clients to you in your business niche—naturally and effortlessly.

2. You become the natural choice—the one where your target market chooses you not only for logical reasons, but for reasons that they can’t even explain. All they know is they want you.

3. As the business niche leader in your industry you become the safe haven in an increasingly skeptical and cynical environment.

Here is a summary of what you will gather from today’s short summary free business coaching training video of the How To Create And Sell High Priced Programs:

1. A review of the ground rules that you must understand to leverage the power of social media in your marketing.

2. The three critical components to quickly creating and selling high priced programs.

3. How to T.I.C. your way easily into the subconscious minds of your ideal clients. This will explain why your clients want you…crave you…and will pay you more than anyone else. (Are you ready to make your competition jealous?)

4. How to use the Q.S.E. Process to ethically lead your target market on two levels. (This is the only way of engaging your ideal client’s mind at a deeper level.)

5. The most important product that you could ever hope to create in your business niche—and how to do this quickly and easily.

6. How to create instant credibility at a deep unconscious level.

Jump onto today’s high ticket business coaching training video. Don’t forget to have pen and paper in hand to take notes.

Speed To Market Business Niche High Ticket Coaching Principle: You have the moral responsibility to sell high priced programs and services right now.

(STOP selling yourself short!)

To Selling High Ticket Coaching In Your Business Niche!

Glenn :-)


Business Niche High Ticket Coaching. Free Business Coaching Training Now…

High Ticket Coaching And How To Easily Control Your Client’s Mind At Two Levels

January 20th, 2009

On today’s blog post, you will discover how to powerfully combine your sales and marketing with an advanced teaching and learning system to easily position your high ticket coaching and other high priced programs in your business niche.not one of us

The human brain can only at any given moment entertain one idea. One of the biggest problems of an overcommunicated market is that there are too many ideas too consider. This is especially true since our brains can only at any given moment consider one idea.

What if there were a way to entertain two ideas at the same time and leverage this as an entrepreneur who is interested in wanting to sell high priced programs in your business niche?

The good news there is if you can overlap two ideas so that the brain is engaged at a deeper level—a level of relationships where two or more related ideas can be processed as one.

What I am going to share with you right now is a concept that no business coaching program is covering today from my analysis of over $250,000 of business coaching materials I have in my office.

It’s the concept of layering messages or related ideas to build a powerful recommendation to create your unique category in your business niche.

And the best way of doing this is through properly created education.

In fact I just shared this concept with a highly successful business man from Seattle, Washington while I was on the road speaking.

When I started talking about this he started writing furiously. (You can watch for yourself what I covered with him.)

Watch below this week’s video on high ticket coaching and how to control business niche markets using this concept of overlapping business ideas to ethically compel your ideal clients to only choose you.

On the following high ticket coaching video, here is what you will discover:

1. The three sins to proper assessment creation. Whatever you do, do NOT make these business niche marketing mistakes or you will immediately cut short your opportunity of properly positioning your back end coaching and other high priced programs.

(It’s the key to forging two similar ideas and reframing them into a powerful recommendation. The solution is that you will be able to engage your target market’s subconscious to crave a Zipf’s Law-like relationship with you for ever.)

I have not found one entrepreneur who is doing this today. I challenge you to find anyone.

2. How to easily employ advanced teaching and learning into your business model that at the same time is the most engaging sales and marketing that your business does.

REMEMBER: Sales is the ultimate metric in your marketing. Use this new technology to combine your sales and marketing with the most advanced teaching in your business niche. And it really is easy!

3. How to build trust with your ideal clients so that only want you. The key is to understand that the Recommendation Age is about knowing how to create and leverage emotion. And you too can really do this!

4. How to properly build anticipation and confidence with your prospective clients. Use what you will gain in this video to know how to work with both for maximum leverage as you build the most expensive programs in your niche.

(You will say after this video: “It will work for me!”)

Watch this high ticket coaching video now…

Glenn :-)


High Ticket Coaching–How To Easily Control Your Your Client’s Mind At Two Levels!

High Ticket Coaching–Is Your Information Worth $10,000?

January 13th, 2009

Blog Summary: Find out right now if your information is worth $10,000. And use the power of an assessment instrument that delivers customized education when marketing to the affluent. It’s Easy. You can do it. It will work for you!

Everyday I work with clients when it comes to marketing to the affluent. It’s one of the ways to ensure that you leverage your value properly as your create your own high ticket coaching within a specific category in a defined niche business niche.

How To Market To The Affluent Speed To Market Tip: Recommendation Age Value = Your Passion and Expertise Tied To A Hungry Business Niche Market.)

One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting out as an entrepreneur was not knowing the correct questions to ask to ensure I was building my information business properly.High Ticket Coaching Just Do It!

Yes, I hired a coach (and I still do) but I hired a coach that only charged me $497/month. And that’s exactly what I got–a paradigm to do the same.

I do NOT want you to make the same mistakes I made. In fact, I want you to provide you assurance that you can provide high ticket coaching of $10,000 and higher.

I want you to understand a new paradigm and provide you the confidence to do the same.

This mistake of hiring the wrong business coach conservatively cost me 1.5 million U.S. dollars in my first two years in business.

The best way to develop the confidence is to just do it.

High Ticket Coaching Speed To Market Principle #1: Just do it.

High Ticket Coaching Speed To Market Principle #2: There is only doing and trying. Trying means certain failure in the Recommendation Age. Strategic doing means following what I tell you.

And this leads to the the following high ticket coaching speed to market principle (#3)…

High Ticket Coaching Speed To Market Principle #3: Doing always presupposes a leader. (Think about this and do NOT glance over this thought.)

High Ticket Coaching Homework!

1. Watch today’s marketing to the affluent video below now before you use this URL (your second ‘how to create and market to the affluent’ homework item) and find out if your business niche information is worth $10,000.

2. Jump onto the following URL and ensure you are asking yourself the 10 critical questions about selling high priced programs including high ticket coaching.

Is your information worth $10,000? Find out by going here now.

On the video you will gain the ability to lead…and lead strategically.

Leading strategically means to be seen as the objective standard of your business niche. It means following the Q.S.E. Process from the last marketing to the affluent video.

To High Ticket Coaching!

Glenn :-)


Implement This Q.S.E. Business Niche Principle To Strategically Position Yourself To Sell High Priced Programs Including High Ticket Coaching…

(It’s Easy. You Can Do it. It will work for you!)

Sell Coaching Now And The Top 25 Careers To Take Advantage Of In A Recession

January 6th, 2009

Today’s blog post focuses on a business niche market within the auto industry that is achieving record breaking sales. Discover how to think strategically inside these top two of 25 careers to be in when facing a recession as an entrepreneur while you focus on creating and selling high priced programs.

Meet Kathy Gillen as a case study representing thousands of entrepreneurs who are turning turning their passion into coaching and selling high priced products and services using this system.

While the recession has hit most of the auto industry hard, there’s one sector inside of the auto industry that seems to be avoiding the trend. Ferrari.Ferrari

For example, according to a CNN report yesterday, sales are up for the Ferrari of Tampa dealership.

What! Haven’t people who are buying luxury cars heard that we are going through a recession?

In a blog post by HR World, the editors provide 25 careers to pursue in a recession. It is the final two that I want to focus on.

The 24th suggestion includes ultra luxury items. In fact the editors of this post state that there will never be a lack of demand on these items. Why? Since there will always be target markets who have handled their money well to weather recessions and down turns in the economy. There will always be a wealthy segment of your business niche market that not only has money but wants to spend it in a big way.

This is one of the reasons why Ferrari sales are up in Tampa and else where.

BUSINESS NICHE MARKETING NOTE: In one of the top three hardest hit industries in the U.S.—the auto sector—there exists niche markets (luxury cars) and a unique category (Ferrari) where money can be made.

Here’s The Message For You: 1. In every industry—even the automotive industry—there exists niche markets for you to create a unique category where you can create major cash flow for your business—even in recessionary times!

In the book that will be coming out later this year in book stores (You can grab a free copy of Become The #1 Expert In Your Niche: How To Effectively Sell High Priced Programs) I cover two critical concepts. As an entrepreneur your quickest way to leverage your asset—turn your passion and expertise into high priced programs—is to understand the difference between commodity value and dividend value (You can read about this further beginning on page 11 of the book.)

Let’s use the automotive sector as a business niche example. Commodity value as an asset can be likened to the car lots and show rooms today of cars not being sold by the Big Three Automakers in North America.

Dividend Value as an asset, on the other hand, can be likened to the car lots of Ferrari sellers and other high end luxury cars. Not only are people purchasing Ferraris at up to $300,000 U.S. a vehicle when cheaper brands can’t sell their vehicles, but they are doing this a record pace.

The key in creating dividend value is that you own a category within a niche market. And within this category there exists hot, hungry buyers who have money and want to spend it. (Notice, I state they want to spend it and not that they need to spend it.)

This leads us to the 25th recommendation of how to profit in a recession from HR World. The editors state that everyone must have other sources of income such as investing, online income and freelancing.

More accurately as an entrepreneur you must focus on creating a unique category that will allow you to turn your passion and expertise into the most expensive programs in your industry. Hungry wants from your target market are fufilled the best when you are also passionate about feeding their desires.Business Niche Marketing Homework

Watch the video below and discover how Kathy Gillen is another of the thousands of case studies that we have of ordinary people who are achieving extraordinary profits in their business niche industries.

NOTE: Kathy is the Ferrari of her industry. She is in an industry that is in a tremendous down turn. But not only has she discovered how to create and sell a $10,000 program, but she is already set to have 2009 as her best year ever.

To Selling High Priced Programs!

Glenn :-)


Listen Right Now To This Live Case Study Who Used The Business Niche Ideation Process From To Help Her Create Record Profits In An Industry Which Is In A Major DownTurn.

As You Listen, Ask Yourself This: “Is It Not My Turn?”



Sell Coaching Now–How To Turn Your Passion Into High Priced Coaching

December 29th, 2008

Today’s blog post focuses on how to make the hidden business niche economy work for you right now. It involves turning your passion into high priced coaching in your business niche right now. Sell coaching now using these three principles I discovered after I experienced this epiphany on the sixth floor of a Toronto hotel.

Have you heard about the hidden economy that knows no concepts like downturn or recession?Business Niche Marketing Passion Test

Are you excited about your life?

Are you passionate about what you do for a living?

I am. Okay. I REALLY AM!!! In fact, as we get ready to head up north to go skiing I have never been more excited!

But it was not always this way. In fact, five years ago on December 16 I was sitting in a hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on a Friday evening getting ready to go to bed. I looked out of my window and realized more than ever that picking up a second job was not the answer to getting ahead.

I was in Toronto to mark the tests that all teachers must take in Ontario before they are eligible to teach elementary or secondary school. (Little did I know that I was to go from the youngest Vice Principal with our school board to the wealthiest former Vice Principal with this School Board in the next month.)

I looked out of my window overlooking downtown Toronto and realized two weeks before Christmas of 2003, and separated from my family for three days, that this was NOT the answer.

However, I had a feeling in my gut that I had never experienced before.

Psychologists call it a ‘sense of positive expectation.’

Up until that night, I had experienced the whole gamut of what anyone goes through when they honestly wrestle with their future. From fleeting feelings of euphoria to out-and-out feelings of terror of doing something totally different, I had experienced each of these feelings hundreds of times.

Actually, I had spent three years trying to figure out how to make a profit with my passion. I had invested $55,000 of money that did NOT belong to me. Now that might not mean much to you, but for me that was more than a year’s take home pay for me. And again, it was money that we didn’t have.

That’s why I was in Toronto. I needed more cash flow to pay for the increasingly larger debt that I was financing as I was trying to build a business.

However, this night was different. There in the quiet confines of my hotel room (room 613) on December 16, 2003 I gazed over downtown Toronto (what I could see of it!). It was a snowy night and bitterly cold, but I experienced something that I had never felt before.

It was a gut, visceral feeling. It was the feeling of rest and peace that came over me when I realized that I was going to give up playing the ‘trying’ game.

I realized for the first time that ‘trying’ to do business was consuming all my emotional energy.

I had not yet realized the business niche competitive advantage that would allow me to work with over 5,000 clients since that night. Clients who have discovered how to turn ‘trying to do business’ into an intelligent and strategic assault on a market place that removes ‘trying’ from the equation.

Instead these successful clients do what I discovered and that is to focus on ‘doing’.

With an important adjective to realign the ‘doing’.

I call it strategic doing.

From that night forward my business changed. And it did NOT change slowly. It changed in a magnitude that still shocks me how quickly things transformed for me.

Shock and awe.

There is no other way in transforming ‘trying’ into ‘doing’. Strategically.

Shock and awe.

It was five years ago right now that I discovered something that I had NEVER realized before after failing miserably in business for three years.

And it is this.Business Niche Marketing Funnel A Big Mistake

I discovered a way to turn passion into profit through coaching by creating and selling the highest priced products and services.

Sure, I was aware of the traditional coaching industry. I was actually involved in it at one point. I was being schooled by the same programs that teach all students to charge anywhere from $397 to $497 for three sessions/month.

I was also schooled in the typical business funnel models that are proposed by these business niche coaching programs.

Then I discovered a way to turn both of these models upside down.

And it begins with these three thoughts I want to leave you with right now.

1. It is paramount that you stock ‘trying’ and move to ‘doing’. What does ‘doing’ look like? It starts with reading and implementing the 10 business accelerators from the book, Become The #1 Expert In Your Niche: How To Effectively Sell High Priced Programs from that I created to help you understand a new paradigm about thinking and doing entrepreneurship—strategically. It is in eBook format and will be released in book stores later this year.

2. It is possible to turn your passion—your avocation or vocation—into high priced coaching. And it is imperative you do so. Does that mean you spend everyday of the week coaching? Absolutely NOT. This is all the more reason you need to grasp the concept of becoming a Knowledge Broker with your coaching.

3. More than ever you need to stop the ‘greater sameness’ mantra that you practice in your subconscious. I know this sounds scary, but with this system you can do it! You must take a calculated risk. It is the only way that you too will feel what I did 5 years ago right now.

Now is the time to turn your passion into a high-end coaching business. Get your hands on a copy of Become The #1 Expert In Your Niche: How To Effectively Sell High Priced Programs from It’s free.

And discover what over 5000 other entrepreneurs have easily implemented.

STOP ‘trying’ to sell high priced programs.

DO it NOW!

Glenn :-)